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With respect to the second reason advanced by Katz for closure, the trial court said.Leagle.com reserves the right to edit or remove comments but is under no obligation to do so, or to explain individual moderation decisions.


April 24, 1996Comcast-Spectacor purchased the 76ers from Harold Katz.McCrary, 348 So.2d 293 (Fla. 1977). Tyson, therefore, is noteworthy only for the concerns raised therein.Harold Tillman: Jaeger: fashion chain: 201: 244: ExLink: Bruce Wasserstein.While the public has a right to know that its courts of justice are fairly carrying out their judicial functions, no legitimate purpose can be served by broadcasting the intimate details of a soured marital relationship.

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During the early years of their marriage, the parties enjoyed a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle.

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The trial court, in determining that bifurcation was proper in the instant case, relied upon the following.On April 6, 1981, Barbara instituted an action for divorce, asserting, as well, claims for economic relief.Katz’s gifts range from. in 1959 Peter Lunder came to Maine and joined his cousins and his uncle Harold. and at the time of Alfond’s death in...Dr. Harold Katz is the founder of The California Breath Clinics and the developer of the TheraBreath line of premium oral care products.

The principal issue in this appeal is whether divorce hearings pertaining to equitable distribution of marital property may be closed to the public.Texas, 381 U.S. 532, 589, 85 S.Ct. 1628, 1663, 14 L.Ed.2d 543, 584 (1965) (Harlan, J., concurring).Harold Katz is an American entrepreneur from the Greater Philadelphia area.

Listed below are those cases in which this Featured Case is cited.Seeking Nominations for the 100 most Destructive Jews in America.

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The openness of proceedings has generally been raised in the context of criminal trials, and with respect thereto the courts have recognized both a common law and constitutional right of public access.While Defendant, as owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, a professional basketball team, and the visible head of a successful corporation, is in a very real sense a public figure, he need not be exposed more than is necessary to the less enviable features which accompany that public status.

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We hold, therefore, that divorce hearings are the type of proceedings which courts may close to protect the rights of the parties.But can you see why the EDL thought it might be worth opening a.Plaintiff Union Carbide sought recovery from defendants Harold Rosen and Sidney Katz on a contract.The who, what, when, where, why, and how about TheraBreath and its founder Dr.Harold KATZ, Appellee. (Four Cases) WIEAND,. KATZ v. KATZ. and his net worth.Stocker, 313 Pa.Super. 332, 337, 459 A.2d 1255, 1258 (1983).H.Katz Capital Group is the history of Harold Katz, one of the most identifiable figures in the Philadelphia, PA area. Mr. Katz began his career in 1972 when he.


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Gore Newspapers Co. v. Tyson, 313 So.2d 777 (Fla. Dist.Ct.App. 1975), the District Court of Appeals of Florida entertained a request for and granted a writ of prohibition preventing a trial judge from conducting a closed trial in a divorce action pending between Jackie and Beverly Gleason.


Wikipedia and Biography of Angelika Katz Net Worth with added HIDDEN Assets.During an in-chambers conference the trial court ruled that the hearings would be closed.Defendant averred that continued discussion of his wealth would endanger his family.The trial court concluded that it had been divested of discretion by the decision of the Court of Appeals of the Third Circuit in Publicker Industries, Inc. v. Cohen, 733 F.2d 1059 (3d Cir. 1984) and ordered that the hearings be held in an open courtroom accessible to the public.

Therefore, we find it necessary to remand so that the trial court may exercise its discretion by entering an appropriate order, together with reasons therefor, consistently with the foregoing opinion.The motion was granted, after hearing, on May 30, 1985, and a decree in divorce was entered on May 31, 1985.

Katz asserted several interests which he contended would be injured if the public were to be granted access to hearings being held to identify and distribute marital property.These payments were to continue by agreement until equitable distribution was decreed.He bought the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association.Despite the fact that the trial judge appears to have concluded that these two reasons warranted a closing of the hearings, he ordered that public hearings be held in an open courtroom because he was of the opinion that the Publicker Industries decision had divested him of discretion.Both the decision in Publicker Industries and Pa.R.C.P. 223(a)(4) direct that the trial court determine whether there is good cause for excluding the public from civil proceedings.It was after their separation that Harold purchased the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Club, Inc.

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