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Hey Maxine, you and your husband are doing great just like Toni and her husband.I have to say that often, public communities, forums and blogs are wide open to abuse by spammers and idiots with nothing better to do with their time.Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are weight loss programs designed around pre-packaged menus of food.I was so happy I threw a party for my friends to burn my old clothes in the yard and it was so amazing.

Stay with this diet for as long as you can or as long as it takes to reach your target weight and body size.NutriSystem. at the supermarket for a fraction of the price.

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The first week was really hard but after that it was piece of cake.I saw where the program is under 2000 mg Sodium per day which should be ok.

The next day I ate as normal and stayed off anything with sugar in it after that.I really appreciate the depth of information you provide here and I noticed you changed the ads and some of the info from Fast 5 to Turbo 10 since I last looked in.I read this review and all the comments, then I read it again before I decided on Nutrisystem for men.This might result in producing some flatulence (gas) in some folks.As you read through this review and get more and more excited, your heart beats faster and you can see yourself succeeding with this amazing, easy and convenient dieting system.In my case working extremely long hours as a nurse has taken its toll.

ANYone can prepare a diabetes friendly menu with some education and a trip to the store to get the.I also plan to do a cleansing the first two weeks of the program.I will say, however, that their Customer Service reps are excellent.

I have several emails to them explaining all of the above plus spoke to a really rude pushy lady on the phone.A possible answer is that much of that could have been excess water weight, because believe it or not when you start to drink lots of water the body actually releases excess stored water.My recommendation to others is to be sure that you set VERY REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

You drink water from your tap because its the best thing to drink.There have only been one or two items (like the doughnut) that were horrible.

I just went to my account and delete those meals off my list.Last year I did a 1200 cal diet and lost 10lbs in 1 month alone, but it involved hours of figuring out what 3oz of chicken looked like and etc.Some sample Nutrisystem menu. and the variety of price points all work to your advantage.I am extremely active and do not have a bunch of time to prepare meals, so NS works incredibly well for people on the go.To the poster who cancelled auto delivery and now wants out of paying the extra— fair is fair.Because I am not getting fruit in my diet or dairy I have added a lot of vitamins.I have 100 lbs to lose and am excited to finally find something I like.


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