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Of course the 4 days he is here I will eat healthy just not use NS.But cost for cost, for busy people who want convenience as a priority in their diet, its a pretty good shot at losing weight.This helped me make my choice in ordering my 1st month of NS last night and I will hopefully get it next week.Today I weighed in at 173.0 I started nutrisystem on Jan.21st weighing 180lbs.I welcome any constructive comments here and will publish them as I believe everyone has a right to their voice.

This review does explain that its not fresh food and that it is processed, pre-packaged and pretty much what you will be getting.

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Its worth mentioning to support next time you talk with them.From time to time, you will find bonus offers for a variety of great deals, so keep checking back for new ad posters.Well, I finished a four week course of Nutrisystem meals just two weeks ago and I was really happy with the diet.

Once you prove it to yourself you can do it, then you can do amazing things.Saying that, the promo image of a Big Mac looks great but the real thing is a let down.The onus is on you to make sure that you monitor and maintain your bank account and its cards properly.

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Yeah, dogs are great for getting out of the house and walking.Most of their failures were self inflicted — I can see that now.When you have gotten used to eating less and healthier food, the trick is to just get determined and be tough with yourself.There is a couple meals that I had to add some seasoning but for the most part no complaints.

And add a banana or strawberries or blueberries or something.Well, the scales were not kind to me and I needed to lose a huge 30 pounds.There are plenty of reviews around many websites that tell you about all its great points.In the mean time have had a baby and just started the plan again to lose the baby weight.The benefits of Nutisystem or any other similar diet delivery program is that its a structured dieting system.And yes, adding exercise to the diet is absolutely the way to ensure success.Has anyone done the Nutrisystem, gotten to their healthy weight and maintained it.Anyway, my point is, the system has been wonderful so far and I can easily see myself sticking with it until I reach my goal.

After feeling sorry for myself had subsided I decided to do something about my weight.

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Get nutrisystems comments meme stalker girlfriends what is nutrisystem advanced programs out of poverty --- belviq weight loss.Thanks, I will really do more exercize to try to speed up my metabolism.If someone wants to lose weight I highly recommend Nutri-System.Tried NS last year and was disappointed after the first month.I was feeling better and actually could get into clothes I wore last summer already, so I kept going.Thanks for coming here and telling everyone the way it does work.

I a 31 years old and sruggled with weight loss for quite some time now possibly because I hate exericse.Add garlic and ginger or other herbs and spices if you want, but no sugar or honey.I posted a link in the review to the NS FAQ that explains this.Nutrisystem is in business to sell their diet program and they rely on regular people to buy it.Its tons better than reaching for something worse and it keeps you inline with the diet calorie count.There are lots of things that you can do to give your weight loss a boost without over-exerting yourself.Hey there everyone, just wanted to add to this discussion here.We ate 2 salads a day, we added yougut and cheese, fruit, fat free milk etc.Its important to contact them immediately if there is anything you think is wrong.

WARNING: Do Not Buy Nutrisystem Protein Shake Until You Read This Review.Just wanted to drop in and say how much I enjoyed your article on Nutrisystem.When we are unsatisfied with how we feel, we drink another bottle of water and fill up on unlimited selections.Since the comments about customer service are not too positive, I want to make sure I sign up for what fits me best from the start.I went on their womens vegetarian diet in April and I was pretty surprised at how good the meals were after I heard from folks saying they were bad.I remember we used to have a meal break around halfway through my old shift.

It was only when I read your review here and then all the comments by real customers who had a mixture of great success and failure that I realized that most of those complaints were from people who just need to complain about anything and everything.I loved the pizza and the pasta dishes were a load better than I thought they would be.You get three main meals, one dessert plus two protein bars and a protein shake each day.But yeah, doing NS and working out 3 times a day will definitely say goodbye to the love handles and the rest.Consumer complaints and reviews about Nutrisystem in Pennsylvania.I learned a lot from that diet too, that I was eating too much bread and pasta and stuff that slows you down and makes you feel tired.I have been looking at the comments and the biggest complaint I see is small portions.Hey Lissy, 30 pounds in 2 months is doable on this diet especially as your going to the gym as well.

I read about them as being a food that gives you a boost and keeps you satisfied for a long period.The food, some of them good, the one w tomato sauce and beef on it, are really bad, I even found some grease on beef one, sure I trashed.If I only eat the meals and not add dairy and veggies, is this ok.They were pretty firm about it and agreed on the deal up front and got it in writing to cover themself.If you can cook, you should go see a nutritionist or read up on nutrition and start cooking your own healthy meals to lose weight.

Now I figure a lot of it had to do with all the water I was drinking cause I never did drink enough before that, it was mostly soda or coffee.You can also add your own story of your accomplishments or otherwise with Nutrisystem.I ordered the nutrisystem 1 month trial to help lose some weight I gained after a leg injury.I would advise against too much exercise over the recommended the first 4-6 weeks until you have adjusted.


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